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E-commerce Furniture Company

Nicole Jordan Company partnered with a local furniture company in 2005 to build out an ecommerce business that would allow the company to enter the realm of online sales and service. The company was a family owned and operated business. We assisted this company in various ways over a 3 year span. This has been our largest, most vast project to date. Our project included multiple phases over three years and has propelled the business to one of the top furniture ecommerce sites on the web. We handled the complete ecommerce division of the company from the inception of the idea. We researched many processes and procedures as well as expanding the operation at a pace that would keep the investment low and allow the business to grow on its own and be financially self sustaining.

Works performed:

  • Full Ecommerce System Design and Implementation
  • Website Graphic Design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Web Site Design
  • PPC Account Development and Management
  • Netsuite Planning, Negotiation, and Implementation
  • Logistics Consulting and Contract Negotiation
  • Technology Infrastructure Consulting
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Assistance
  • Full AP/AR Management
  • Full Order Fulfillment Management
  • Full Vendor Account Management
  • Call Center Management
  • Package Testing
  • Product Photography
  • Full Inventory Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Netsuite Migration and Management

Initial Concepts

The initial concept was as vague as "I want to sell online". From that, we researched and developed an ecommerce system that would allow us have a minimal initial investment with future expantion as the sales volume increased. Our R&D led us to a particular ecommerce system that was very cost effective but gave us enough control to evolve the site as we researched the new systems and processes that we wanted to incorporate.


Site Design

The site design was one of the major points of the project. We had to ensure that the site had very good navigation structure with an easy to use checkout system. We performed all of the graphic design elements for the entire project including layouts, banners, graphics, advertisements, and web graphics. We optimized the site with multiples of content from guides, articles, and a customer feedback section as well as optimized images for faster loading times. The goal of the site was to be a clean, crisp, organized, and simple way to shop for furniture online.

Vendor Management

Our next phase was product research. We attended furniture shows, researched competitors, and searched for niche vendors that would allow us to stand apart from the crowd. We finished by adding over 25 new vendors and over 1,000 new products to a less than 50 product website.

PPC Marketing

One of the most important phases of the ecommerce project was the marketing and advertising. We added many of the major search engines and optimized our advertising campaigns to run in the most cost effective way possible. We added campaigns from Google, Yahoo Business, Live Search, Business.com, and more to ensure we covered the market and diversify the marketing.

Shipping and Logistics Contract Negotiation

After maximizing the marketing programs, we found that shipping and freight carriers were the other major overhead costs. By negotiating rates with Fedex, UPS, and many freight carriers, we were able to get some of the most competitive rates available. This allowed us to institutionalize the shippers and their systems to ensure our processes of order fulfillment had an efficient flow.


Product Pricing, Budgeting, and Forecasting

By researching industry trends, we were able to calculate product markup and pricing. This let us become more effective in budgeting and forecasting. We continually watched the markets,our competitors, and our vendors in order to be proactive in keeping the best, most profitable items and vendors at the forefront of out marketing program.


Order Processing and Fulfillment

Order processing evolved over time. We used basic systems in the beginning to ensure we had the knowledge of where and how to invest the capital and processes to be more efficient and productive. We used many custom developed ways to pick, pack, and ship at a low cost or incorporating many methods that had no cost at all. We optimized the shipping process at all volume levels and were able to make only minor investments until we were ready to add a full inventory management that we will discuss in the Netsuite section below.


Infrastructure Expansion

One website was only a start to the overall project. We knew that we would need to a large investment in the infrastructure in order the expand to multiple websites that worked seamlessly with each other. We would need a way to manage our customers, inventory, accounting, website, and vendors in an efficient way and hopefully have them seamlessly integrated without a million dollar investment. After many months of research and negotiations, we adapted the Netsuite System early 2007.



The Netsuite System was a large undertaking for us. We made every effort to minimize the migration of the website onto the new system. We initially started the new system in parts, starting with vendors, inventory, employees and payroll, product and inventory building, and then the actual website was relaunched. The Netsuite System is a very good system that is internet based, having no need for internal servers. The system could be accessed from anywhere and could be rolled out to multiple locations with minimal costs. The inventory system in Netsuite allowed us to have our inventory managed automatically with minimal efforts. The actual websites worked seamlessly with the back end system allowing orders to flow through the system as a very fast pace.



We strive to help assist you and your business to be better and more efficient. Many systems and processes may seem foreign. You are an expert in your business, we can better serve you by doing the research and development for the business systems and processes that you need to help reduce overhead and allow your business to better perform. Even if you need assistance in a field that is not listed here, we have business partnerships, relationships, and research analysts in many industries that may allow us to be of service to you. Keep your business successful by doing what you do best and allow us to do the behind the scenes necessary work to keep your business running for years to come.