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Import & Wholesale Furniture Company

Nicole Jordan Company partnered with a local import furniture company in 2005. The company was a family owned and operated business. We assisted this company in various ways over a 3 year span. We assisted by helping expand the import operations that had been established previously. During our partnership, we assisted in getting the import company incorporated and ensured that the separation of operations and financial's. The import company evolved and expanded dramatically with our consulting services. We were able to travel to China to assist in developing two patent pending products. We provided many services over a 3 year span. Most major services are detailed below.

Works performed:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Web Site Design
  • Logistics Consulting and Contract Negotiation
  • Technology Infrastructure Consulting
  • Full Quickbooks Management
  • Full AP/AR Management
  • Full Order Fulfillment Management
  • Full Overstock.com Account Management
  • Initial Target.com Account Management
  • Legal Documents Consulting (Copyright, Patent, and Trademark)
  • Copyright Research
  • Trademark Research
  • Patent Research
  • Patent Filing Assistance
  • Patent Design and Testing Assistance
  • Package Design and Testing Assistance
  • Import Container Packing Assistance
  • Product Design Assistance
  • Product Photography
  • Inventory Management Assistance

We strive to help assist you and your business to be better and more efficient. Many systems and processes may seem foreign. You are an expert in your business, we can better serve you by doing the research and development for the business systems and processes that you need to help reduce overhead and allow your business to better perform. Even if you need assistance in a field that is not listed here, we have business partnerships, relationships, and research analysts in many industries that may allow us to be of service to you. Keep your business successful by doing what you do best and allow us to do the behind the scenes necessary work to keep your business running for years to come.